About us | «Альпийская Роза» Высокогорный отель в Алматы


Tourist complex "Alpine Rose" is happy to greet you and your guests! The complex is located at an altitude of 2350 meters above sea level in the unique Ile-Alatau National Natural Park.

The successful location of the complex will allow you to enjoy stunning views of snow-capped mountain peaks, woodlands and alpine meadows.

Enjoy comfortable rooms with fireplaces, delicious cuisine, various routes for walks, Russian sauna and much more.



Staying in our complex you can spend time with your family, celebrate your birthday, hold a corporate event or simply warm your toes by the fire as you enjoy the company of friends.

Alpine Rose is the starting point for the picturesque places of the national nature park.

asty breakfast and good coffee will be a perfect start of the day, after which you can visit fascinating places on different routes designed for people with all types of physical training:

  • Walk to the Great Lunar Glade
  • Trekking to the Great Almaty Lake (2500m)
  • Climb the peak of the Soviets (4317 m) or the Peak of Tourists (3954 m)
  • Excursion to the Tien-Shan Astronomical Observatory and the Tien-Shan high-altitude scientific space station (limited access)

And in the evening a wood heated sauna, a mountain river swimming pool and herbal tea with real alpine honey will be waiting for you.

Come, we are awaiting to welcome you!


Address: Almaty city, on the route to Big Almaty Lake
Phone: +7-701-888-00-00
Email: info@alpenrose.kz